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I'm starting out in my career and I'll be honest, I was sceptical at first as to how a personality test can help me, but I was wrong.  It's made me aware of things I never even thought of before which consequently, has helped me to clarify goals and know what's needed to achieve them.

Alberto B


ESTJ - Protector Group

Since learning more about myself and my type, I've become more aware of the people around me, especially all the other team assistants. I adapt to each of the teams I work with.  I really want to learn and improve. It's great thank you!

Lisa G


ENTJ - Intellectuals Group

Communication is key in my business if you want to succeed.   In the past I had a tendency to stick with the same people when coming up with new ideas, now I shake things up make sure I have a cross selection group, the innovation output has been amazing.

Robert J


ENTP - Intellectuals Group





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My job involves researching products so I'm used to finding answers, although when you do the programme it's researching yourself - a whole new ball game.  I think my biggest takeaway was the motivational 'pick me up' exercises, they were spot on for me!

Jane F

Research & Development

ISTJ - Proctectors Group

Amazing! Very impressed. I would say my result is 95% me, or... maybe I just don't want to admit I'm like the remaining 5%! It's been enlightening.

Lucy M

Marketing Executive

ENFP - Optimists Group

Christian J


INTJ - Intellectuals Group

I've always thought of myself as competent investor although struggled with a few operatives (like we all do).  Although, since my journey of self-discovery, I've realised the areas where I struggled were not natural to me.  I'm now concentrating on my key strengths and my financial results speak for themselves.​

Jaz J

IT Manager

ISTP - Explorers Group

I got my whole team to go through the test, we've now got  a clear understanding of our group's strengths & weaknesses. High performance techniques all the way!



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