ISTP - The Experimenter

Who is ISTP - The Experimenter?


ISTP - The Experimenters are private and mysterious, they are the ones to jump into action when a problem arises. They thrive when thinking on their feet and finding the quickest, more efficient and hands-on approach to solve any challenge. 


Calm, sophisticated, cool under pressure and logic-driven, ISTPs are known for their ability to stay analytical and detached in any situation.


Being a natural problem solvers can open many doors and create opportunities providing  your skills are used in the right way. Your calm and collective style is a great stepping stone to get your foot in the door.  If you want to develop these abilities further you may want to consider Limitless Success, you'll uncover major growth opportunities with endless potential.



Often the very first question people ask after completing our Limitless Success personality test is “What do these four letters mean”?  There are 4 groups and 16 personality types in total.  See yours below!




You're energized when having time to yourself to gather your thoughts.



You're practical and concentrate on the here-and-now.



You make decisions based on logic and the facts in front of you.



You seek freedom and flexibility to live life on your terms.


Your preference is Introversion

    As an Introvert you get your energy from time spent alone or within small groups. This is not to say you don't enjoy the company of others, you do, although you may find it psychologically draining at times. So, whenever you are feeling down, tired or strained, take some time out and take advantage of this knowledge. For example, if you are at a large event, make sure you take regular breaks and spend a few minutes by yourself, it will help you restore your energy and continue to enjoy the rest of the evening.

      INTROVERT types tend to...

      • be described as quiet and reserved;
      • express themselves better in writing rather than in the verbal form;
      • enjoy being alone; 
      • prefer 1-2-1 discussions rather than large groups;
      • like to digest information before speaking and responding.

      It's possible to foster your Introvert skills to their maximum efficiency, to do that, we offer a series of self discovery exercises helping you to raise the bar in everything you do.

        Your preference is Sensing

          As a Sensing type, you are the one always bringing those around you back to reality. You have little time for what could be, you're much more about what is happening now, practical and realistic.

            SENSING types tend to...

            • focus on the here-and-now;
            • prefer facts and figures;
            • be very practical and down-to-earth;
            • utilise past experiences for future guidance;
            • notice minor details and remember all the facts.

            Utilize your natural preference for loving facts and figures, Limitless Success has endless material on your profile, and to cater for Sensing types, we have lots of finer details for you to enjoy!

              Your preference is Thinking

                As a Thinking type you ensure your head rules everything you do. You value money, prestige and power and rely on logic to help you make well-formed decisions to achieve it.

                You're objective and rational, you very rarely lose your cool and like to be respected for it.

                  THINKING types tend to...

                  • look at everything in an analytical way;
                  • be described as reasonable as they seek truth and objective reasoning;
                  • always search for flaws in arguments;
                  • come across as cold as they tend to remove emotions when making decisions;
                  • be motivated by achievement.

                  Most Thinking types thrive when they succeed and are successful trying something new, nurture this technique by setting yourself challenges.  Choose an area of your life you want to improve whether it’s personal, professional growth or financial, clarify your vision setting laser focused goals and allow us to give you the framework to achieve them.

                    Your preference is Perceiving

                      As you have the Perceiving trait you tend to prefer to live your life in a flexibile way. You often perform your best when you can be spontaneous and open-ended. Disorganization does not bother you and you're very happy to go with the flow, even if it means rushing at the last minute.

                        PERCEIVING types tend to...

                        • like multi-tasking and jumping from one thing to another;
                        • be casual in their approach, style and presentation;
                        • be spontaneous and avoid repetitive tasks;
                        • like flexibility;
                        • instinctively avoid commitment.

                        ​​Learning about your profile can be shocking, or even exciting, all the information can be a lot to take in.   As perceiving types normally prefer to keep their options open without feeling restricted to one option, our programmes offer multiple routes (personal, professional or financial development), all  with different workbooks so you can pick and choose what you want to do without feeling tied down to one system.

                          A true sign you're an ISTP

                          You thrive in crisis!

                          Your level-headed approach allows you to take control in dangerous situations

                          that other people could never handle.

                          What are the best choices for your career?

                          ISTPs excel in hands-on, thought-provoking roles.  Find the best career for you so you are confident, motivated and driven to achieve your goals, the first step is to take action.  Careers to consider are:

                          • Engineering

                          • Aviation

                          • Financial Analyst

                          • Carpentry


                          Your top 3 Strengths

                          • CALM

                            ISTPs are the ultimate crisis manager, due to their calm and effective nature, allowing them to make split-second decisions.

                          • CREATIVE

                            ISTPs are innovative, creative and gifted with vivid imagination for practical things. 

                          • SPONTANEOUS

                            As open-minded individuals, ISTPs like to be free and spontaneous and prefer not to be restricted by rules and tight deadlines.

                          • Tapping into your peak performance abilities and enjoying lasting fulfilment are techniques used in the Limitless programme, all taking your strengths to new heights.


                          Your top 3 Challenges

                          • UNPREDICTABLE

                            ISTPs are not into longer-term planning, which means those around them never know which direction they are going to take.

                          • RISK-TAKER

                            ISTPs are big risk takers, and this can end up in getting great rewards or suffering big losses. This may be challenging for the people who love them.

                          • UNCONVENTIONAL

                            ISTPs prefer doing rather than sitting in a class studying, and this can be challenging during their academic years.

                          • We can all bury our heads in the sand or take action, what do you want to do?

                          What FINANCES mean for your type

                          You are part of the Explorers Group and for you money equals freedom to do whatever you please.

                          This means that sometimes you don't realise how much you are spending. 

                          Be smarter with your financial decisions and you’ll avoid having to work harder.  All this is possible with the tools, workbooks and Financial Freedom calculators all available within Limitless Success.


                          Utilise your endless energy and observant nature. Take inspiration from good savers and investors around you and build a network to share wealth building ideas. This will make things interesting!


                            Forget to look at the big picture.

                            Your carefree nature and the fact that you prefer living in the here-and-now don't mean that you can also think about the future from time to time.

                            Are you looking to develop the best version of yourself?  If so, you're in the right place

                            FAMOUS PEOPLE

                            ISTPs - Experimenters


                            • Bruce Lee, Martial Artist
                            • Clint Eastwood, Director
                            • Bear Grylls, TV Personality
                            • Joe Strummer, Musician


                            • James Dean, Actor
                            • Daniel Craig, Actor
                            • Scarlett Johansson, Actress
                            • Demi Moore, Actress


                            • Indiana Jones
                            • Wolverine, X-Men
                            • James Bond
                            • Rocky Balboa

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