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Your life UPGRADE toolkit

For people stuck in a rut and looking to self-evaluate personally, professionally or financially.


WHY purchase the life upgrade TOOLKIT and how can it help you?


Tap into your hidden talents and unleash your limitless potential.

  • Learn techniques of the top 5%

    Truth is top performers think very differently from the average.

  • Discover your hidden strengths

    You will open doors and create opportunities by discovering hidden strengths and how you should use them. 

  • Boost your confidence

    The exercises will give you confidence, motivation, and all the self-esteem you need to achieve your goals.


Open doors and create opportunities, you'll turn your limiting beliefs into positive experiences.

  • Find out your unique personality type

    Discovery your strengths, weakness and why you do the things you do through the personality assessment.

  • Develop positive affirmations

    Learn how to prime your brain for change and enhance goal achievement.

  • Learn the psychology of wealth

    Empower your wealth mindset to get you where you want to go.

All in one life upgrading tools

Are you ready to tap into your talents and unleash your limitless potential?


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The toolkit is delivered over 5 weeks through performance enhancing modules


Learn about your strengths and weaknesses, who you are and why your unique. 

In particular you'll learn

  • Personality assessment and type;

  • Your strengths;

  • Your challenges;

  • What makes you unique and attractive to the world;

  • Performance enhancing self development techniques and practical exercises.

Performance Acceleration

  • Mission setting workbook 

  • 16 Personality types ebook


Learn life reinvention strategies to pivot you into the direction you want to go.

In particular you'll learn

  • Your ideal self-esteem and confidence;

  • What hinders your self-esteem and confidence;

  • How to re-establish your self-esteem and confidence;

  • Performance enhancing exercises to develop unstoppable confidence.

Performance Acceleration

  • Confidence Booster workbook


Discover what wealth means to you and how to develop your financial strategy for ultimate success.

In particular you'll learn

  • Your attitude towards money;

  • Your natural money management style;

  • How to develop your financial strategy;

  • Performance enhancing money management tools and techniques suited to you.

Performance Acceleration

  • Money management workbook 

  • Money toolkit Calculators


Design your final destination and all the steps you need to take to achieve it.

In particular you'll learn

  • Techniques to learn faster;

  • What makes you invaluable;

  • Why you are important to the world;

  • Performance enhancing acceleration techniques to clarify your mission, guiding you to your final destination.

Performance Acceleration

  • Personality profile ebook


The toolkit is delivered over 5 weeks through performance enhancing modules.


The philosophy is based on extensive research analyzing high performance techniques giving you the building blocks to achieve your goals personally, professionally and financially.   



The 3 essential components to the life UPGRADE toolbox

Personality Assessment

This assessment is designed to build your personality profile based on everyday typical behaviours.  There are 4 groups and 16 personality types.  It is based on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® techniques and theories.

Experimentation through Exercises

Using the power of Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques, you will follow a number of performance enhancement exercises to raise self-awareness which will motivate you in the direction of where you want to go.

Taking Action

The most successful students who go through the programme are those who take ACTION.  Learning about your Personality type and conducting the exercises are only the stepping stones for monumental change.  The rest is down to you.

The essential pillars to your life UPGRADE designed to navigate you in any direction you want to go

Each step is designed to propel you in all directions of your life to achieve AMAZING results.

  • Learn your personality type (through self-discovery)

  • Design your mission (your life's purpose)

  • Discover your hidden strengths and common challenges (reveal growth opportunities)

  • Build lasting self-esteem (to influence better decisions)

  • Master your money psychology (to achieve financial freedom)

  • Accelerate in all areas of your life (to achieve lasting fulfilment)

Learn the techniques used by high performers and leaders of Fortune 500 companies.


Most people live ordinary lives, they dream about making big plans but very rarely take action. Limitless Success is targeted for people WHO WANT TO  CHANGE.

Nora. B

IT Manager - ISTP

I'm finally more open to try new things

“True to my types name, I like to experiment with new technologies.  Working in IT I am faced with many challenges, since learning more about myself I've learnt some new troubleshooting tips which helps with IT challenges. Thanks.”

James. M

Graphic Designer - ENTJ

I'm now more confident to lead my team in the direction it needs to go

I've been known to take the lead, even when I'm not the manager, it appears this is a natural trait for ENTJs.  I've found out about so many opportunities for this  personality type, I can't wait to test  the different techniques.”

Roberto. C

Editor - ENFP

If I want to produce to my best abilities, I'm now more aware of the surroundings I should be in

“I'm a creative writer and hate being pinned down with strict deadlines.  Since learning more about my type I realised this is not a negative trait, it's more something to recognise.  If I want to be the best creative writer I can be, I need to allow myself options otherwise it could have the opposite effect.   This programme has opened my eyes, thank you.”

Sara. J

Entrepreneur - ESTJ

I've accepted, it's OK to say No

“I work on many projects and would often jump from one thing to the next without a clear plan.  The Mission Setting workbook really helped me to clearly map out what I needed to do so each project was much easier to manage - thanks!”


For people stuck in a rut and looking to self-evaluate personally, professionally or financially.



Lifetime Access

  • Personality Assessment & Report

  • Membership Site Access

  • Motivational Videos

  • Goals & Mission Setting Workbook

  • Self Improvement Workbook

  • Unstoppable Confidence Workbook

  • Financial Freedom Workbook

  • Financial Freedom tools & Calculators

  • 2 x bonus Ebooks


We all have the right to change our mind. For this reason, we guarantee you the possibility to withdraw from the programme within 14 days of purchase. We are so sure that it won't happen, that we will give you a special gift should you choose to do so.

The detailed report for your profile : a 50-page PDF in which you will discover what makes you unique, what are your main strengths, how to turn your challenges into opportunities, and how to find motivation in difficult times.


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Our wider team of brilliantly savvy Personality Profiling Experts, Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioners, Behavioural Finance Pro's, Trading and Investing Guru's have over a decade of experience developing ventures transforming peoples' lives and multiplying their WEALTH & FULFILMENT to its highest potential. 


All our team have the common goal of inspiring, motivating and educating, to not only survive, but thrive in their personal lives, professional lives and in all financial decision-making processes.

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