What if you could go from ordinary to extraordinary in just 30 days?

We can assure you it is possible with the Limitless Success ESTJ programme, you'll get the the framework to take control and achieve 

  • Personal Excellence

    Everyday you are confident, motivated and driven to achieve your goals.

  • Professional Growth

    You love your job and are excited to go to work every day, you feel valued and appreciated and contributing to something great.

  • Relationship Management

    Your communication and connection with those closest improves, you're fulfilled and attractive to the people around you.

  • Financial Success

    You are able to live on your own terms and are free to focus on the things that matter most to you.

Nobody can control every situation and its outcome, but you can control your attitude and how you deal with it. 

Hi, we are Melanie & Silvia and here to help you make life transformational change. You will dig deep into finding out who you are and why you do the things you do. We'll give you the tools to change any area of your life, the exact material that took us thousands of man-hours to collate and years of experimentation. ​We'll show you the exact process to do it.


Limitless Success ESTJ

The 30-day system to transform your life from ordinary to extraordinary all starting from your personality profile

Learn the techniques used by high performers and leaders of Fortune 500 companies.

Limitless Success will equip you with the materials to re-program your mindset to achieve anything you want. You'll be able to address real challenges, realise personal growth and be able to take actionable steps IMMEDIATELY to fulfil your true potential. 



Why join Limitless Success and become extraordinary?  

It can help you to:

Identify your Personality type

Find out who you are and why you do the things you do.

Design your mission

Learn powerful techniques to design your goals and achieve them.

Learn techniques of the top 5%

Truth is top performers think very differently from the average.

Open doors and create opportunities

You'll discover hidden strengths and major growth opportunities.

Create your new I.D.

You'll discover how you're unique and be able to create your new personal brand.

Develop unstoppable motivation

Get a self-esteem boost and turn your limiting beliefs into positive thinking.

Turn your negatives into positives

The secret techniques to think and feel positive everyday.

Boost your confidence

Learn 20 new things you could do to elevate your confidence.

Develop positive affirmations

Learn how to prime your brain for change and enhance goal achievement.

Learn the psychology of wealth

Empower your wealth mindset to get you where you want to go.

Develop your wealth strategy

Develop your financial strategy according to your type for a sustained success.

Discover Financial Freedom tools

Run a financial health check and utilise the calculators to help you achieve your goals.

Are you ready to tap into your talents and unleash your limitless potential?​

DISCLAIMER! It is important you have taken the Limitless personality assessment to identify your correct personality type (4 letters) before purchasing.


Living an Extraordinary life look like

If you want to be extraordinary be prepared to start making changes, anything is possible with the right mindset.


Einstein did not speak until he was 4 years old and did not read until he was 7. One of his teachers described him as mentally slow and unsociable. He was expelled from school  and rejected from Zurich Polytechnic School, NONE of that stopped him from being one of the greatest scientists of all time.

INTP - The Academic

Developed many theories, best known for E=MC2


12 publishers rejected J.K. Rowling's book about a boy wizard. Thanks to her determination a small London house picked up Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone.

Rowling was a single mother living on benefits at the time but never gave up, she is now estimated to be worth at least $1billion.

INFP - The Mediator

Author of the Harry Potter Series



Jordan was cut from a number of his high school basketball teams and once said "I've failed over and over again in my life. That is why I succeed." Through dedication and hard work, Michael went on to win 6 NBA Championships, earned a total of 14 MVP awards, was selected to 14 All-Star games and won 10 scoring titles.

ISTP - The Experimenter

World Famous Basketball Player



We’re going to be honest, to become successful and extraordinary is not something that happens overnight.

It won't be easy - but if you put in the effort you will see successful results.



What's included and How does the 30-day system work?

Content is delivered via performance enhancing modules guiding you every step of the way

The Limitless Success philosophy is based on extensive research analyzing high performance techniques. Combining the findings we have created the building blocks used to enhance our skills and our students allowing us to be in the right mindset to achieve our goals.


Learn about your personality type, who you are and what makes you unique.


In particular you'll learn

  • Your strengths;

  • Your challenges;

  • What makes you unique and attractive to the world;

  • Performance enhancing self development techniques and practical exercises.


Learn life reinvention strategies to pivot you into the direction you want to go.


In particular you'll learn:

  • Your ideal self-esteem and confidence;

  • What hinders your self-esteem and confidence;

  • How to re-establish your self-esteem and confidence;

  • Performance enhancing exercises to develop unstoppable confidence.


The wealth mindset and what it means to you and how to develop your financial strategy according to your personality type.


In particular you'll learn

  • Your attitude towards money;

  • Your natural money management style;

  • How to develop your financial strategy;

  • Performance enhancing money management tools and techniques suited to you.


Design your final destination and all the steps you need to take to achieve it .


In particular you'll learn

  • Techniques to learn faster;

  • What makes you invaluable;

  • Why you are important to the world;

  • Performance enhancing acceleration techniques to clarify your mission, guiding you to your final destination.

Our methodology has been tried and tested for ultimate results.


Sneak Peak inside the programme to see exactly what you get...

This programme will give you the theories and techniques to achieve anything you want.


    Gain immediate access to the Performance Enhancing Modules: 

    • KNOW: Strengths, Challenges and Self-Awareness
    • GROW: Self-Esteem, Self-Respect and Self Confidence 
    • MASTER:  Money mindset and money beliefs
    • ACCELERATE: Action Planning 

    We'll be there to guide you every step of the way and built a dedicated support help desk for all our members.


    Take the Limitless Success personality profiling test to identify your unique personality type and your four unique letters.



    Meet other people of your same type and post comments under each module in the private members area, they say everyone has a twin -  find yours!

And... workbooks & BONUS materials!

All Worth €600

  • Access to Private Membership Site

    You'll gain full access to all Modules and be able to post comments and connect with other people of the same profile.

  • Premium Personality Profile Report

    You'll be able to download your extensive report which digs deep into your unique characteristics.

  • Motivational Techniques to triple your Momentum

    Throughout the 30 days new content will be released each week allowing you to do something tiny every day and celebrate your progress along the way.

  • Methods to be Laser-focused and Confident

    You'll be given hints and tips which are practical and structured, all tailored for your unique personality type.

  • Mission and Goal Setting Workbook

    You'll learn how the top 5% of performers think and the techniques they use so you can identify what you want out of life and know what you need to do to achieve those goals.

  • Self Awareness & Strengths Workbook

    You'll learn the importance of being unique, how to take feedback and turn it into opportunities and how to create your new personal brand identifier.

  • Confidence Booster Workbook

    You'll learn Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques to raise your awareness of self-esteem and be equipped with motivational and confidence boosting tools to be unstoppable.

  • Money Beliefs  & Financial Freedom Workbook & Calculators

    You'll learn about your relationship with money and wealth psychology. You'll gain access to premium tools helping you to assess your current financial situation and to map your strategy techniques to achieve your financial mission.


Raise the bar in everything that you do

DISCLAIMER! It is important you have taken the Limitless personality assessment to identify your correct personality type (4 letters) before purchasing.

Plan your transformational journey over the next 30 Days with Limitless Success!

This is focused

Each module is targeted to a specific area of self-discovery:

Know, Grow, Master, Accelerate

This is structured

New content is released each week, self-discovery is a journey.  By the end of the  30 days you will have everything you need.

This is practical

Content is delivered through a dedicated membership site via videos, worksheets, checklists, ebooks, calculators.

This course will teach you step by step how to make dramatic changes to your life over the next 30 days.

DISCLAIMER! It is important you have taken the Limitless personality assessment to identify your correct personality type (4 letters) before purchasing.

The Limitless Success formula is based on Personality Profiling.

4 Groups and 16 Personality Types.

All with different unique traits.

DISCLAIMER: It is important you have taken the Limitless personality assessment to identify your correct personality type (4 letters) before purchasing.


Who is the programme for?

We can ALL choose to be extraordinary!

Most people live ordinary lives, they dream about making big plans but very rarely take action.  

Limitless Success is targeted for people WHO WANT TO  CHANGE.

Limitless Success is for you if you're ready to change and to take ACTION

This programme is for people looking for transformational change, those who want to raise the bar or improve a particular area of their life.  It's definitely for you if you want to:

  • Develop the best version of yourself

    You want to become your ideal self, attracting opportunities and discovering hidden strengths. You're prepared to recognise that most of your challenges and problems are a reflection of yourself.

  • Achieve personal fulfilment and happiness

    You want to wake up in the morning and LOVE every area of your life (personal, professional, relationships & financial), and if you don't, you'll know what you need to do about it and are prepared to put the effort in.

  • Understand wealth psychology

    You want to understand what wealth means to you and why you have make the financial decisions you do. You're seeking a money machine framework to assist with your financial goals.

Hereos are ordinary people who make themselves extraordinary.

Gerard Way, INFP, American singer, songwriter, musician and comic book writer

Limitless Success is NOT for you if you're looking for quick fixes

This programme is not for everyone and we don't like wasting anyone's time. It's definitely not for you if you're looking for:

  • A magic bullet

    Life is a journey and without putting in the work you cannot expect to see a return.  Time and effort is required to succeed in anything you do, can't be bothered don't sign up.

  • A get-rich quick scheme

    Limitless Success will not make you a millionaire in 30 days, this is not what the programme is about. It will however make you more aware of your finances and your relationship with money.

  • Nothing to change in your life

    Learning about your personality profile is an insightful experience.  If you're not ready to accept who you are and make the changes into who you want to be, this isn't for you.


Meet the people who went from ordinary to extraordinary

All in control of their final destination

I work on many projects and would often jump from one thing to the next without a clear plan.  The Mission Setting workbook really helped me to clearly map out what I needed to do so each project was much easier to manage - thanks!

Sarah. B

Entrepreneur - ESTJ

I'm a creative writer and hate being pinned down with strict deadlines.  Since learning more about my type I realised this is not a negative trait, it's more something to recognise.  If I want to be the best creative writer I can be, I need to allow myself options otherwise it could have the opposite effect.   This programme has opened my eyes, thank you.

Roberto. C

Editor - ENFP

James. M

Graphic Designer - ENTJ

I've been known to take the lead, even when I'm not the manager, it appears this is a natural trait for ENTJs.  I've found out about so many opportunities for this  personality type, I can't wait to test  the different techniques.

Nora. B

IT Manager - ISTP

True to my types name, I like to experiment with new technologies.  Working in IT I am faced with many challenges, since learning more about myself I've learnt some new troubleshooting tips which helps with IT challenges. Thanks

“I work in Finance which although I love, not everyone around me finds it interesting and my team very frequently missed deadlines.  Since learning more about myself and the 15 other types, I have adapted my communication approach.  It's been amazing, I no longer have to repeat my message, I just adapt my style depending who I'm with.  Finally - we are meeting project deadlines all thanks to learning about our types!.”

Ilenia C - Business Development


Saves You Money



Let’s take a quick look at how much you’ve probably spent on your journey so far (this is pre-knowing your personality profile and without understanding the best career for your type). 

We will be conservative with these figures to avoid exaggeration:

  • Personal development courses x £1000

  • College x £1500

  • University x £9000 (per year)

  • Conversion courses (as often your career journey changes and you don’t end up doing what you studied) x £500

  • Financial mistakes (£1000 per year)

Understandably everyone is different, and the list won’t be the same for everyone. However, we’re sure you can relate to at least one of these, right?

Limitless Success could save you THOUSANDS 

Avoid unnecessary expenses by having  a much clearer picture of what you want to do and how you want to spend your money.


A recent study published in the journal Social Psychological and Personality Science suggests that people value time over money.

Your time is precious, and here at Limitless Success we don’t want you wasting it:

  • Doing endless self-development programmes all with great information but no clear path or end

  • Learning lots of unnecessary skills that don’t interest you and you’re never going to use

  • Researching tools to track your spending habits that you will never use

  • Trying to learn new techniques to be a better person before you’ve really understood yourself

All the time and effort you could potentially put into these activities...

Limitless Success has


You will get frameworks, techniques, hints & tips as well as a detailed profile all about YOU so you know exactly what you need.


Our vision and data-driven approach

Our relationship with money and Investment decisions are often influenced more by emotion, intuition, and innate preferences than cost-benefit calculations. Our vision is to empower our readers to make better decisions within their personal lives, professional lives, relationships and financially, based on their own natural preferences.


Through our Limitless Success test, psychology meets personal/professional growth and financial stability to enable insight-driven financial planning in life and business. We firmly believe that theories and applications need to be backed by empirical research, but should also provide practical solutions.



Mother, Netballer and Guiness World Record holder,  Silvia is also certified in Personality Types at work and Behavioural Finance, a psychology enthusiast and avid researcher.  

She has been a Communication specialist for a major Fortune 500 company and is a fluent interpreter and translator across four languages (Italian, English, German, French).


Silvia has made it her mission to backup behavioural science research with relevant data.


Put our Limitless Success theory into practise and let's get started!



Mother, wife and family party organiser... Melanie is also a practitioner of Neuro-linguistic Programming, Certified in Behavioural Finance, a Development Coach, as well as Board member to 4 privately held companies with 15+ years of experience in Business Operations, Digital Marketing & HR Excellence working from startups
to Fortune 500 companies. 


Melanie works with her clients/teams to overcome emotional, mental and behavioral challenges, and to explore new potentials.


Put our Limitless Success theory into practise and let's get started!


Plans & Pricing

Transform your life and go from ordinary to extraordinary using a plan that’s right for you.


for amateurs


Worth €100


Free personality test

Free mini profile report
















looking for a taster


Worth €200

VAT Included  7 Days Access

Free personality test

Free mini profile report

Membership site access (limited access)




Workbook Mission Setting




Bonus 16 Personality Types






looking to accelerate


Worth €600

VAT Included Lifetime Access

Free personality test

Free mini profile report

Membership site access

(full access)

Profile Premium Report

Module Access to Know, Grow, Master, Accelerate

Workbook Mission Setting

Workbook Self Awareness

Workbook Confidence

Workbook Money Beliefs

Bonus 16 Personality Types

Bonus Financial Freedom Tools

Helpdesk for support



going hardcore!

Let's Talk

Custom approach


Free personality test

Free mini profile report

Membership site access

(full access)

Profile Premium Report

Module Access to Know, Grow, Master, Accelerate

Workbook Mission Setting

Workbook Self Awareness

Workbook Confidence

Workbook Money Beliefs

Bonus 16 Personality Types

Bonus Financial Freedom Tools

Helpdesk for support

Personal Coaching 1-2-1's


Limitless Success is about doubling your momentum, focus and confidence so you can be the best version of yourself.



DISCLAIMER! It is important you have taken the Limitless personality assessment to identify your correct personality type (4 letters) before purchasing.

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